Grave Wreath (colour on request, seasonal flowers)
Funeral Grave Spray diamond shape (colour on request)
Florist's Wild Surprise
Lily Hydrangea Dream
Cactus Soil 5l
Orchid Fertilizer
Colourful Day (seasonal flowers)
Colourful Anne
Lily Day
Funeral / Coffin Spray
Aloe Vera Indoor
Hanging Plant Pots
Have an Amazing Day in a hat box (seasonal flowers)
Concrete Pot "Couple"
String of Pearls
Kalanchoe Oricula Indoor
Bird Feeder (metal)
Girl with a flower 1 (metal)
Girl with a flower 2 (metal)
Silver pot on legs
Concrete Pot "Wildflowers" XL
Dark Green Large Heart
Blue Heart Large
Red Heart Medium
Green Heart Medium
Metal Water Can
Leprechaun Metal Pot
Concrete Pot "Couple" Round
Metal Hanging Decor
Florist's Surprise For You / Florist's Choice
Orchid Phalaenopsis XL
Dried Flower Frame
Dry Flower Ball Decor
Summer Dry Bouquet
Sunset Evening (florist choice)
Double Cactus Face Pot Brown
Single Cactus Face Pot Brown
Single Cactus Face Pot Mustard
Cactus Flower Pot
Double Cactus Face Pot White
Vase Stand (excluding shells)
Glass Vase Green
Aeonium Indoor
Pink Purple Morning
String of hearts
Garden Metal Leprechaun
Garden Metal Bird
You are Wonderful (florist choice)
Garden Metal Leprechaun with monstera leaf
Garden Metal Leprechaun with a shovel
Garden Metal Leprechaun with a can
Bird Bath
Rainbow Box (seasonal flowers)
Blue Yellow Sky
Dry Large Bouquet Blue Pink
Dry Large Bouquet Blue Orange
Dry Large Bouquet Mix
Dry Large Bouquet Blue Brown
Dry Natural Bouquet
Dry Summer Bouquet
Dry Mix Lavender Bouquet
Dry Blushy Pink Bouquet
Dry Lilac Yellow Bouquet
Dry Pink Natural Bouquet
Blue Natural Dry Door Wreath
Dry Yellow Natural Door Wreath
Blue Pink Orchid
Triple Orchid Pot
Phlebodium FernTy
Single Large Pink Orchid
Single Large White Orchid
Colibri Orchid
Nephrolepsis Exaltata "Green Lady"
Orchid Phalaenopsis Large
Juncus Spiralis
Ceramic Dandelion Green Tall Pot
Blue Purple Day
Scented Gardeenia